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Bad Bitches through the ages

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This is not gong too far. Chipotle on point 

Weekend Recap/Monday Feelings

-Finally had a good date after the slew of no attraction friend makes I’ve had. Great time+Dancing+Attraction=a perfect date in my book… not sure where it will go but dare I say I really don’t care? I’m dating to date lately, it’s the end of summer so bring it boys.

-I finally feel like I have moved on. It’s taken the longest time but it feels beautiful. Please god don’t put me through that again I have learned my lesson I promise.

Starting a new 2 miles a day routine motviated! 

Ready to take this last half of summer/rest of the year by storm motivated and feeling refreshed. Hope you all are too :) 

 Cultural transformations are seldom cost-free. And they’re not always permanent. A new generation, as yet unnamed, is growing up in the world the millennials have made and may already be working on its own revision of the nation’s moral life.

The Millennials Are Generation Nice (NY Times)

Love this. 

Dating is like, the great American pasttime. You get to get dressed up and meet a whole new person. They might not be a great match for you but you will get to try something new, have fun with a new person, and improve your dating skills for the next one.
Transport me here today please.
Is it me or is this Friday going SUPA slow? asjduash

Transport me here today please.

Is it me or is this Friday going SUPA slow? asjduash

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What that means to me is that you don’t let your gender define who you are—you can be who you want to be, whether you’re a man, a woman, a boy, a girl, whatever. However you want to define yourself, you can do that and should be able to do that, and no category ever really describes a person because every person is unique. That, to me, is what “feminism” means. So yes, I’d absolutely call myself a feminist. And if you look at history, women are an oppressed category of people. There’s a long, long history of women suffering abuse, injustice, and not having the same opportunities as men, and I think that’s been very detrimental to the human race as a whole. I’m a believer that if everyone has a fair chance to be what they want to be and do what they want to do, it’s better for everyone. It benefits society as a whole.
The foundation of your life is luck. Hard work and talent make up the difference.
- Dennis Lehane, Live by Night (via fortunenglory)
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